1st Irish Heritage Month celebrated at Queens Park - Click on photograph for viewing. Details listed underneath.

#1 Photo - Premier Kathleen Wynn and Irish Ambassador Jim Kelly ; #2 Photo Kevin Kelly, Premier Wynn, Mary Kelly, Fionnan Kelly, Pat Cavanagh and Shannon Rush ; #3 Photo  Marianna Costello, Premier Wynn, Cathy Murphy and John O'Dwyer ; #4 Photo - Sean O'Neill Vice President EISS, Premier Wynn and Paul Farley.

The first ever official Irish Heritage Month 'kick-off' event was held on Monday 6th. March 2017 in the Legislature Buildings at Queens Park, Toronto. The event has been started to recognize the contribution made by Irish workers and intellectuals in the building of this great Canadian city. This year's event was attended by the Premier and other Ontario M.P.P.'s together with the Irish Ambassador, Jim Kelly and members of various Irish Communities in Toronto.

 Please remember to view the Facebook page of the Toronto Irish Association and/or their website  http://www.torontoirishassociation.com/  for other events both inside and out of the GTA area.




Emerald Isle Senior representatives Sean O'Neill (left) and Dirmuid O'Neill meet with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Irish Ambassador to Canada, Jim Kelly at the Irish Embassy reception in Toronto on August 21, 2017.   On right, Sean and Dirmuid greet Laura Finlay, head of Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs.